I get a lot of advise. Some of it is passive, like what I read in self-help and other non-fiction books with valuable life lessons. Other advise is more active, like people telling me specifically that I should try something they’re doing that they love.

A lot of it is good advise. But I’ve realized that the more advise I consume, the more overwhelmed I get. I’m on information overload. I cannot possibly follow every word of advise given to me by every author, every Ted-talk speaker, every pastor, every friend, and every family member. I don’t have enough brainpower, emotional capacity, or hours in a day.

So I’ve decided to give myself permission to “glean.” The agrarian concept of gleaning meant picking up the leftovers of the produce of the land after the harvesters have already been through. It has come to mean picking and choosing from the plethora of information out there what is pertinent and relevant to the topic at hand.

For me it looks like taking only the advice that is useful and beneficial for me at the season of life I’m in and letting everything else go! No need to worry that I should store it for future use. If it would be useful in the future I can always seek it out again later.

Are you ready be liberated from the pressure of all that advise accumulating in your head? Maybe it’s time to take a break from the information overload and learn to glean.


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