About the Blog

UnbreakingReverie is a long-standing reflection on the healing journey, finding freedom to be oneself, and taking steps toward a flourishing life. It was birthed out of the author’s desire for a sacred space for herself and others to process, grow, and become the people we were meant to be all along.

I love to think. To ponder. To contemplate. To stir an idea around in my mind for months or even years and allow it to grow in richness and depth, returning to it periodically to see what has developed since the last time I gave it concentrated attention. I liken this to watching a sequel of a good movie, except in my mind the sequels are better instead of worse. With each next installment the story gets more enticing, more complex, more rewarding than the ones that came before, with satisfying conclusions to long-pondered mysteries and just enough new mystery to keep you excited and eager for the next one.

I used to get so frustrated with my tendency to need more time to think before reaching conclusions. Sometimes a thought was so big/ deep/ difficult/ overwhelming that I put it on a shelf in the back of my mind, letting it gather dust as other more pressing issues flooded my mind. But one, two, five years later it would be suddenly, unexpectedly triggered back into my consciousness, re-emerging as some kind of new understanding.

And so it goes that I’ve realized that all my musings are connected in one long overarching story that is being pondered and written and lived out by me. Even if at some point along the way parts of it slipped into my subconscious for a while. It is a never-ending, continuous, long-standing reverie.

And so I hope that this blog might be a place for collecting snapshots of it as they emerge from brewing deep in my subconscious. I’m using the non-word “unbreaking” to remind myself and others that whatever is written here is still just one piece of an unfinished thought process that will only (hopefully) mature with time and experience. It is also an expression of what I’m sure will be a common thread among those snapshots: the desire for emotional and spiritual healing, identity formation, and flourishing despite obstacles that would keep us wounded and dependent on our pain. May you, and may I, find what and who can “unbreak” what is broken in our hearts and in the people and world around us.