Non-Verbal Affection

Sometimes I am so exhausted that my over-taxed brain just cannot pull it together to work with my mouth to produce words that make any sense. And often when this happens I’m in a situation where I cannot escape into a quiet room all by myself, and sometimes there’s someone with me I care very much about who wants attention and affection.

So I’m learning how to communicate non-verbally. Being present with another person, showing them I care about them, without talking. Here’s how:

  • a soft smile
  • nodding my head a lot
  • an eyebrow raise
  • a long hug
  • holding their hand
  • giving a neck massage
  • playing with their hair
  • blowing them a kiss
  • making kissy noises from across the room
  • putting an arm around their waist while walking
  • feathery touches with my fingertips along their arms
  • cuddles

Of course, you have to have the kind of relationship where any of that is appropriate. Remember to keep your hands and mouth to yourself if you’re not their very close friend, significant other, or mommy/daddy. And even then, always respect someone else’s “no.”

And, of course, when I do get the chance to escape to a quiet room all by myself, I make sure I take it!


image by zun zun from pexels