My Worst First Date

The worst date I’ve ever been on was with a guy who didn’t know he was on a date.

We had a mutual friend who connected us after I asked her if she knew any eligible bachelors around my age. She talked me up as a great Christian young lady who worked for [christian organization I worked for at the time], which piqued his interest, and his piqued interest increased my own interest. After all, there aren’t too many Christian guys who appreciate a woman in ministry.

We set up a time to meet at a casual appetizer place downtown, and I went through the grueling process of trying to look good but not look like I was trying too hard to look good.

I shouldn’t have tried so hard.

Apparently this guy saw me not as a potential romantic partner but as the gatekeeper to my organization. He wasn’t on a date with me–he was at a networking meeting with me.

Aside from feeling used and disappointed in the loss of potential, I was also really bored listening to him talk about himself the whole night without asking me anything (except a few questions about my organization and how he could meet people there to bring them over to his organization). I would have excused myself much earlier in the “date” but I’d consumed half of a beer and was waiting for its effects to fizzle out.

I hope he didn’t think I was rude at the end of the night when I stuck out my hand for a business-like handshake instead of going for a hug. But hey, we had just had a business meeting, and I’d just shut his proposal down. I was keeping it professional.


Photo by rawpixels from Pexels