Crossing over a line

Transitioning out of 2017

I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution enthusiast, but I love the coming of a new year with all its symbolism of rebirth and starting fresh. It’s a significant milestone or checkpoint—to look back on a whole year and reflect on what was good, what was hard, and what has changed since the beginning of it. It’s also a useful tool for evaluating what to carry over into a new year, what to discard, and what new themes to incorporate. This is much gentler and more flexible than a rigid “resolution” and therefore less likely to fail you in the long run.

A friend of mine asks God for a word for the coming year—to guide her spiritual journey and give her a focal point throughout the year to help her attend to her soul. My tradition is similar—asking God to help me categorize my year in a theme or two (for instance, 2016 was the year of waiting and of the unknown), then asking what God foresees the theme of my upcoming year to be. It gives me a good idea of what to look for and how to interpret events and my reactions to them.

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Exercise balls

Exercise My Way

I have never been very fond of exercise. I hated high school gym, which essentially amounted to stretching, running in circles, and attempting to throw a ball for whichever sport happened to be in season. I was gleeful that the second year of required PE (Physical Education) would be waived for any student involved with a high school sport. Gleeful because for some reason they counted the marching band, in which I was a reluctant participant, as a sport. Finally a silver lining to having to wear those terrible uniforms!

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