Blog writing on typewriter

Blogging Rules

When I began my blog a year ago, I decided to put in place some guiding principles to keep me in line with its vision and purpose (steps toward a thriving, flourishing life), as well as to keep me honest with myself and my readers. Internet etiquette is different for everyone since we all have different expectations of what’s appropriate and beneficial to “put out there,” and it’s so easy to get swayed by other people’s convictions of what your blog should be. Instead of taking on what someone else found appropriate, I put together my own set of rules for my writing. Here is what they were:

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Tools for adventure

A New Adventure Begins!

Adventurous isn’t quite the word most people would use to describe me. Before attempting something new, I err on the side of caution, make pros and cons lists, calculate the potential risks, and run it by a handful of trusted advisors. But even with all of that, there comes a point where I must make a decision without having all of the information. And if I do decide “Yes,” then that is an adventure to me.

So it is with beginning a blog.

In reality, the decision has been a year in the making, but this first post marks the official beginning of my latest “Yes.” Let the newest adventure begin!


Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay.